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                                                  SONGX TWS HEADSET
                                                  Design of creative charging bin

                                                  Headset life 5 hours
                                                  Charging time (charging chamber) 2 hours
                                                  Headset life (including charging compartment) 25 hours
                                                  Charging protection 4 layer
                                                  Bluetooth chip Luoda ab1536u
                                                  Bluetooth version V5 / 0+ EDR.BLE
                                                  Bluetooth specification HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP
                                                  Support decoding SBC, AAC
                                                  Transmission distance the effective distance is more than 10 meters
                                                  Horn type moving coil
                                                  Diaphragm material PEEK + PU composite diaphragm
                                                  Unit size @ 6.0mm, N45 neodymium magnet
                                                  Sensitivity 102

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